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  • Acute stress situations
  • Anxiety & panic attacks
  • Stress & burnout
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Loss and grief

Living Gestalt & Body Awareness

Living Gestalt & Body Awareness

is a blending of Gestalt therapy(Gestalt therapy belongs to the field of humanistic therapy and addresses the current context of our lives. It takes a holistic approach that encompasses the emotional, physical, mental, as well as interpersonal areas of our lives and sees them as one integral unit (Gestalt). Gestalt therapy may help us to get to know ourselves better and to try out new behavioral patterns). and Body Awareness – physical movement and health – developed by Dr. Leland Johnson. The various methods of Living Gestalt therapy can help us to find an understanding of our needs, discover new possibilities to take action and find a deeper meaning in our lives.

During the course of our lives, we have formed our thought and behavior patterns that prevent us from living our lives to our full potential. We long for an authentic life, but we often get in our own way. Most of the time we identify so much with our conditioning that we take that for granted to be our innermost truth … (read more) For example, we can for decades carry within ourselves certain belief systems such as “I am not good enough” or “I have to achieve something to be loved” without being aware of how these beliefs can be obstructing our lives. Yet they block our authentic expression. In the subconscious mind, these pre-conditionings and belief patterns are perpetuated with a profound effect on our bodies and souls. In our childhood these conditionings may have served to help us to survive. In order not to risk losing the attention to our parents, we may not have shown certain feelings as a child. This problem may be carried forward into adulthood, we do not show our true feelings or express them adequately. Once used as a survival strategy, this behavior has now been internalized. As adults we then find ourselves in the victim role, we are unable to set boundaries for others, or truly even believe that we can make changes to our current life situation. Fear and helplessness determine our attitude towards life. Unprocessed feelings can lead to tension, stress, mental and physical illness. ‘Living Gestalt’ therapy offers a protected framework where we can allow ourselves to get in touch with our feelings. Once, these feelings are more integrated, they lose their power over us. We feel more connected with ourselves and can express ourselves better.

“The body is the gateway to the soul.”

Leland Johnson

Bodywork – the way we see it

Feelings such as fear, pain, anger, sadness or shame accompany our belief patterns and we are usually not aware of them. They can manifest themselves as blockages in muscles, connective tissue, organs, ultimately in all body cells. Thus, old mental injuries dominate our emotional and physical sensations for decades, and express themselves in tension, postural damage and illnesses.

When, perhaps for the first time in many years, we feel again what we could not feel before, it can be very liberating, and our hearts can open again. By allowing to get in touch with our deeper feelings and allowing those feelings to be fully felt, we reclaim a part of ourselves. We start to feel a connection with our inner-self again and we are getting more capable to act.

Dr.Leland Johnson (1932-2003)

Living Gestalt & Body Awareness was developed by Dr. Leland Johnson, a student of Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt therapy(Gestalt therapy belongs to the field of humanistic therapy and addresses the current context of our lives. It takes a holistic approach that encompasses the emotional, physical, mental, as well as interpersonal areas of our lives and sees them as one integral unit (Gestalt). Gestalt therapy may help us to get to know ourselves better and to try out new behavioral patterns).. Leland Johnson founded the Gestalt Institute of Houston Texas in 1962, where he further developed his integrative approach of Gestalt and Bodywork. His goal was the integration and healing of ‘split-off’ soul parts and the awakening to our true selves. (read more)As a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, Leland dedicated his life to the integral vision of matter, body, mind and spirit, training numerous therapists in the US and Europe. He spent the last years of his life in Germany, where he directed a training institute for Living Gestalt and Body Awareness. This is also where Dr. Martin and Anna Bosch were trained, with whom we completed a six-year training.


  • Do you have the feeling that external conditions/factors are controlling your life?
  • Are you in trouble professionally and looking for a way out?
  • Do you want more clarity about what you actually want?
  • Are you under so much pressure that you can no longer relax?
  • Do you need support with health problems?
  • Do you want to find out where your real strengths lie?

What is special about our coaching is the combination of Living Gestalt methods and a systemic approach. We work on the assumption that the solution lies within you and will support you with our questions and suggestions to start to find your own solution. We guide you in overcoming inner obstacles and activating your own resources. This requires trust and of course absolute discretion on our part. During the first appointment to get to know each other, you can make up your mind whether you feel at ease with us.

About us

We have experienced the effective methods ourselves in the six years of training in Living Gestalt & Body Awareness with Martin and Anna Bosch and have gone through a deep transformation process. Our enthusiasm for the Living Gestalt work has brought us together as a team to jointly offer and share this wonderful process with others and support them in their inner-growth process.

Our concept

In Living Gestalt therapy, we as therapists see ourselves as guides. The client takes on the role of the guide. S/he decides which topic s/he wants to explore and how far s/he wants to go. We suggest different methods of Living Gestalt work depending on the issue. As guides, we provide a safe framework so that the client can feel supported and protected in his/her process.


“Bring your mind down into your heart and open your heart to everything as it is, and to everyone as they are. Allow your mind to sink down into your heart – open your heart to everything existing! That is our way.”

Leland Johnson

Anna Kersting Portrait

Anna Kersting
Living Gestalt Therapist, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, systemic coach

For me, the special thing about Living Gestalt is that we can feel the connection between body and soul and access our feelings through the body. I am always amazed at the wisdom that lies within our bodies. For me, Living Gestalt is not only a holistic form of therapy, but also a way of life. This includes sensing, looking inwards, feeling and recognizing patterns of belief.

(read more)

I am a filmmaker, in my first profession. Today, I benefit from this experience in my therapeutic work with clients. I know the stress and existential angst that freelance artists often face. But I also know the flow when you are connected to yourself.

Living-Gestalt offers excellent methods to reconnect with your inner strength.

When I accompany a client as a therapist or coach, it is always about the question: what do you really want? What is most important to you in life and how can you achieve it? I am happy to support you in reconnecting with your innermost desires and bringing them into life.

Cordula Klotz Portrait

Cordula Klotz
Living Gestalt Therapist, psychologist, alternative practitioner, music and voice therapist

An important aspect of Living Gestalt for me is self-awareness. When we have a good sense of self, we feel ourselves and enjoy our aliveness. Many people have lost their sense of self. Living Gestalt can help us to find our sense of self again.

This can be a very existential experience that has a great impact on everyday life. We can trust ourselves and live again. When we fully accept ourselves in the here and now, as we are right now, we are able to better deal with all the demands of our lives.

(read more)

With a lack of self-esteem, we have no anchor and are at the mercy of the environment. We easily get into stress. When we are anchored in our sense of self, we can feel our existence behind everything we do. We no longer have to do anything for it to have a reason to exist. Our life has meaning because we are there.

Music therapy and vocal chords exercises can be a great support to experience our sense of self. Especially people who have difficulties expressing themselves verbally find it easier to connect to their inner-self through non-verbal communication (or through this method).

Marion Rosenberg Portrait

Marion Rosenberger
Living Gestalt Therapist, Health Coach, Burnout & Relaxation Therapist, Mindfulness Trainer, Social Educator

For me, Living Gestalt means finding one’s true core. I often see people who are disoriented and don’t know what they are looking for deep inside. They cannot set boundaries and therefore can easily be manipulated. There was also a time in my life when I was completely disoriented and did not know my place in the world.

As a child, I was often sick and spend a lot of time alone with myself. During this time, I began to feel a connection between body, mind, and soul. Then, when I fell ill as an adult, all my memories that had touched my soul in my childhood came up again. cI realized the connections between my traumatic experiences and my disorientation as a young adult.

(read more)

During the healing process I learned to orientate myself and to find out what my real purpose in this life was. For me the illness was a way to transform into a new level of consciousness.

The Living Gestalt work helped me to ground myself and to sense the connection between body and soul. I am grateful that today I can share my experiences as a coach, therapist and lecturer in adult education.

Isabel von der Geest Portrait

Isabel von der Geest
Living Gestalt Therapist, Mediator, Anti-Bullying Coach, Teacher

Living Gestalt came into my life when I was looking for new opportunities /a new direction. For 15 years I had taught as a teacher with great commitment. Again and again, I came up against the limits of the system and my own personality. The training to become a Master in Living Gestalt gave me deep insights into what had shaped and formed me. The support in the therapeutic group was very healing for me and my health. I got a new perspective on my situation.

I realized that I had always explained the professional problems only by supposed personal “deficits”, which made me more and more dissatisfied and disappointed. Now I saw that it was the considerable deficits of our hierarchical performance system that made it almost impossible to meet my standards.

(read more)

Supporting people empathically and appreciatively in the unfolding of their unique individuality has always been my aim /focus. Now, finally, in my work as a Living Gestalt therapist, I can offer these skills that I have acquired, with great pleasure to my clients.


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Costs for individual therapy & coaching

First, we discuss your needs in a preliminary meeting. If you after that decide to continue working with us, we then agree on the general conditions. There is no obligation to book several individual sessions. Depending on your needs, one problem may be resolved within 1-2 sessions, others may need more time. It is up to you to decide.

The initial consultation of about 45 minutes serves to get to know each other and costs 40 €. An individual therapeutic or coaching session lasts 60 minutes and is charged at 80 €. Discounts are possible by prior arrangement. The quoted fee for an individual session is the final price.

Please check yourselves whether your private health insurance or alternative health practitioner’s supplementary insurance will cover the costs. The costs are not covered by the statutory health insurance.

Advantages as a self-payer

You are not accountable to health insurance companies or employers and therefore do not have to declare your treatment, which is not the case with therapies paid for by statutory health insurance companies. The private treatment does not have to be mentioned on any CV or job interview or new insurance policies to be taken out, as it is a service you have provided yourself. You can claim therapy and coaching costs that you pay privately as extraordinary expenses against tax.


Whether it is a therapeutic session or coaching, confidentiality is a matter of course for us and the most important prerequisite for a trusting relationship.